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Parma! 8 Pack

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2 of each of our delicious Parma! flavors in both the 3.5 oz. and 7.0 oz sizes. Save with FREE SHIPPING

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Weight 56 oz

1 review for Parma! 8 Pack

  1. JoAnne (verified owner)

    I keep buying the 8 pack because I never want to run out of Parma! and because my family cannot agree on which flavor is our favorite. With the 8 pack, there’s enough to go around, and when we start running low, I place another order.

    What can you do with Parma!? I sprinkle it into soups, add it to vegetables, mix it with tofu — I don’t put it in my coffee, but it’s good on just about everything else, and if there’s ever a chocolate Parma! I will add it to ice cream. We generally keep two bottles opened, and they serve as our main condiments during dinner. Everyone in my family has been vegan for a while, but I do remember what dairy cheese tastes like and I prefer Parma! — not as salty and healthier too.,

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All six Parma! flavors on a burst including 2 nut-free.
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