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Keep it Simple Avocado toast with Parma!

Keep it Simple Avocado Toast with Parma!

Sometimes the simplest ingredients are the best! It seems that most January’s leave us all with a sense of renewal along with a post-holiday lull. Many of us just aren’t ready to crank up the kitchen and get cooking ‘all out’ once more. That’s just fine when you can pull out new veggies to steam or leftovers to create a meal when you add your favorite Parma! on top. Keep it Simple Avocado Toast with Parma! is one of those that works anytime of year and will fill you up not just so you’re not hungry but give you a natural energy from good ingredients.



Toast your bread, cut avocado in half, use spoon to scoop out avocado onto your gluten free toast, place a bunch of sprouts on top and cover with Better Than Bacon OR your favorite Parma! flavor.

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