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Love It

I made this recipe over the weekend to take to my friends house. They loved it. Her husband raved about how good it was. They really liked the smokey flavor from the Better Than Bacon Parma! -Maya


Ever since @thewonkyplan intro’d me to @parmaveganparm original and Better than Bacon flavors, I was hooked! I now have multiples as backups! My non-vegan husband is also obsessed with this! Can’t wait to try your other flavors 🤤🤤 -helenmelonlee



Thanks so much for the vegan parmesan that you make! It is so convenient and tastes so good! -Christina

Bacon freak comes clean

I used to be a total baconhead, then I went vegan. I thought I was doomed to a life without bacon, but I was willing to do it for my animal friends. Then I discovered Better Than Bacon. Hoohah! I slather this stuff on everything and buy the big cans, five or ten at time. Jonesing for your clean bacon fix? Grab a can and splarge it across whatever you’re having. With Better Than Bacon, you are Good. For. Life.

Christopher St. John

All six Parma! flavors on a burst including 2 nut-free.
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