Better Than Bacon Parma!

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Better Than Bacon Parma! has a smokey cheesy umami bacon flavor, in a vegan no-baggage way.

7 oz Size

Ingredients:  Nutritional Yeast (Non-GMO), Organic Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts, Ground Paprika, Organic Dried Onion, Natural Flavor, Organic Brown Sugar, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Smoked Salt, Organic Hemp Seeds.

Weight 7 oz

7.0 oz

12 reviews for Better Than Bacon Parma!

  1. Ingrid

    I don’t eat bacon but I eat Better than Bacon parma! Thank you for the flavor back in my menu. Yummm.

  2. Deborah Ripoli (verified owner)

    This tastes good in scrambled eggs! I am not a big fan of eggs but needed to add eggs to my diet. Now I like it!

  3. Jeannie Green

    OMG, Parma! products are ALL wonderful on practicallly anything! I am basically vegetarian (ovo-lacto), but my husband is omnivore… We have the Bacon and the Garlicly Green on the table permanently, and eat one or the other or both on eveything, from multigrain hot cereal to steamed veggies,, soup, salad, even the bacon on apple slices !! —everything is better with Parma! My sister (vegan) is now hooked too and reports tht she has mixed Parma! with water or low sodium veggie broth, to make a sauce for vegan dishes. I LOVE these Parma! products, cannot imagine how drab food with be if I were to run out!

  4. Rosemary Meyer

    Love using this on potatoes and my popcorn and other vegetables as well.

  5. Miranda

    Oddly enough, this flavour is a perfect addition to a stuffing. Adds that smoky flavour you’d get from traditional bacon. Perfect along side a nice slice of Tofurky.

  6. Becky Hartin

    🥓You Betcha it’s Better Than🥓

  7. Becky Hartin

    I was quite amazed at how much flavor this Better Than Bacon seasoning had. It literally awakens your tastebuds and you can feel good about what you are putting into your body, and love every last bite.

  8. B May

    I’ve used Better Than Bacon for years. How much it tastes like bacon is uncanny! Anywhere you would have used bacon bits, just sub Better Than Bacon! It doesn’t take much to perk up pasta, soup, steamed vegetables, etc.

  9. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I found parma in my local vegan market and have since ordered directly from the company. Im in LOVE with this better than bacon Parma! So good on a baked potato or on a salad. Try it on popcorn too!

  10. Tiffany M Leiter (verified owner)

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like to eat a little of this straight from my hand, it’s so savory and smoky. I use this on my salads as I don’t eat bacon any more. It adds a nice crunch and that bacon-y flavor. I also love it on well….everything…like popcorn, potatoes, green beans, & my morning seared hashbrowns.

  11. Christine

    Thisnis my favorite flavor. On potato corn chowder, popcorn, roasted potatoes…oh yes!

  12. Holly Moloney-Shaw

    I’m so in love with this amahhhzing product! I’ve added it to soups, mashed potatoes, “egg” salad, aioli, creamy pasta sauces…heck, I put this stuff on everything. I’m especially enjoying it added to my morning grits and tofu scrambles right now. Seriously, Better Than Bacon will change your life!

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