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Parma! is a Plant-Powered Brand You Must Try Now!

Parma! isa plant powered brand you must try now!

We sent Sam Saenz of EatWellAdventureOften a sample of Parma! and they found it DELIGHTFUL. It was added to their recommendation on their recent blog featuring plant-based products.

This faux parmesan cheese made from nutritional yeast, Himalayan salt, sunflower, and hemp seeds will blow your mind! It’s got a delightful umami flavor that is just perfect to season popcorn, veggies, salads, pizza, pasta, and avocado toast! Plus, you’ll get a healthy dose of omegas, B-vitamins, and minerals each time you use it.

Sam Saenze

Try this recipe

If you like roasted squash, it’s even better with Parma. This recipe for Easy and Tasty Winter Squash will delight you.

Get some Parma! for your kitchen

Visit the Parma! Shop and begin adding it to many of your favorite dishes.


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