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Passing Daisies Blog Review

Today, I also want to bring you a review of a vegan parmesan cheese: Parma! Parma! can be sprinkled on anything that you would usually sprinkle cheese on – broccoli, pasta, salad, pizza, beans, etc.

Honestly, the flavor of all three reminded me of oyster crackers. What? Yeah! They really did! They had a nice cheesy quality to them from the nutritional yeast and tasted sort of like crackers! But don’t get me wrong – I thought they were delicious. The Original was nutty tasting. Garlicky Green was wonderfully garlicky and featured a variety of herbs and seeds for nutritional value. Chipotle Cayenne definitely kicked it up a notch with its spicy, smoky flavor. Again, all three were very tasty. So far, this is the best vegan parmesan I’ve tried.

See how many daisies Parma! received.

Passing Daisies Reviewer -- 4 Daisies!

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