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This Vegan Cheese Topping Qualifies as a Superfood

This Faux Cheese will Blow Your Mind!

This Faux Parmesan Cheese will Blow Your Mind!

We look to Laura Crotty, Culinary Writer, and her glowing response to using our Parma Vegan Parma topping.

I remember when I first tried Parma, years ago. I was so excited to find a vegan parmesan cheese to sprinkle on my popcorn and pizza! The Parma was perfect on the vegan pizza I made over the weekend (pictured here).  Parma’s simple ingredients (nutritional yeast, Himalayan crystal salt, organic sunflower seeds, organic hemp seeds, and walnuts) and high nutrient profile, qualify it as a Superfood.

Laura Crotty

And if you like pizza…

…we have a recipe for you at National Pizza Party Day. There, you’ll find the recipe for the dough AND great topping ideas. To get your own little bit of parma! to shake on your pizza, let’s go shopping!

The Vintage Veg logo - Laura Crotty

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