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Dairy was aggravating her asthma.

Ever since discovering that her reaction to dairy was aggravating her asthma, Terry from Mom Knows Best was pleased as punch to discover the Parma! line of dairy-free vegan parmesan cheese toppings.

I would have never thought peas would be so delicious

I still don’t want to believe that I have a milk allergy and will eat something with milk in it like chocolate and then I start coughing. It also makes me feel sick to my stomach. I have to be careful when eating out as lately even a small amount of dairy brings on asthma symptoms, like vegetables cooked in butter. The other day we went to a holiday dinner and the vegetables did not appear to be cooked with butter but 30 minutes later I was nauseated. Then 2 hours later, the asthmatic coughing started, thankfully Claritin helped it settle down, this time.

Terry, from Mom Knows Best

Read what she has to say, then come on back and get yourself some Garlicky Green Parma!

oh, and check out her recipe, Dairy Free and Vegan Pesto Sauce


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