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Going Garlicky Green Vegan w Parma in the Dirty South

Garlicky Green Parma on pasta -

Never underestimate the power of a sauce or a sprinkle. These little flavor enhancers can really take a dish from meh to wow! And one of my favorite sprinkles is Parma! I’ve been using Parma for a few years as a vegan Parm sub, but I’d only tried the original flavor. They offered me some review samples, and I jumped at the chance to sample their other flavors. They sent me two full bottles of the Original and the Garlicky Green. [ Read Full post @Vegan Crunk, Eatin’ Vegan in the Dirty South. ]

Look at these oh! so delicious ways to use Garlicky Green.

Want some of this amazing stuff on your shelves? Let’s go shopping!


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