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Introducing Parma! A Dairy-Free Cheese Topping

TravelGirl Inc introduces Parma! all four flavors!

Travelgirl writes about her latest discovery: Parma!

Parma! is a dairy-free cheese brand that offers vegan cheese lovers a range of dairy-free, protein-rich condiments ideal for main dishes, salads and pizza. Created in Oregon just over 15 years ago by Sister River Foods’ founder Shannon Schnibbe, Parma! was established in response to a rapidly-growing need within the vegetarian marketplace for a breakthrough allergen-free parmesan alternative.

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What else?

In addition, all four raw nut and seed-based Parma! flavors contain whole raw ingredients, are low in sodium, heart-healthy, packed with essential B vitamins and trace minerals, replete with beneficial animo acids and an excellent source of healthy oils. The four flavors are: Original Parma!, Better than Bacon Parma!, Chipotle Cayenne Parma! and Garlicky Green Parma!

A recipe we suggest

We submit Keto Plant-based Parma! Cabbage Slaw. If you’d like to make this yourself, visit our shop and take a look around!


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