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Obsessed with Better Than Bacon Parma!

Better than Bacon Parma vegan parmesan topping over rice with avocado is delicious.
I add it to so many things, principally rice and veggies.

We are grateful to this customer who shares his overflowing joy with our vegan parmesan topping..namely “Better than Bacon.”

I usually do not leave reviews anywhere but have become so obsessed with the flavor and quality of ‘Better Than Bacon’ I had to this time. I add it to so many things, principally rice and veggies. A special treat is 3 or 4 oz of nuts (raw walnut pieces, raw almonds, roasted unsalted peanuts, and raw pistachios), a tablespoon and a half of walnut or olive oil, and then Better Than Bacon to taste. That has many times been my most satisfying lunch! I congratulate you on a superb and unique product!

Howard B.

If you’d like to add some jars of “Better Than Bacon” to your kitchen cupboard, visit our Parma! store.


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