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Parma! Nutritional Yeast Topping Makes Food Taste Better

Parma! Nutritional Yeast Punch’s Up Your Food Flavor

Nutritional Yeast Topping Makes Food Taste Better!

Chris from writes about Parma! as a Nutritional Yeast seasoning. Parma is a vegan product that is loaded with nutrients like B12, niacin, fiber and protein. It offers a nutty cheesy flavor that enhances your foods. Chris liked the idea of packed protein in Parma! so he was happy to be able to try it out for review and share his thoughts.

“How could you not like something that is made from yeast, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and hemp seed? Plant based and perfect for keto or paleo plan followers, or people like me who enjoy their veggies and proteins!”

For a delicious idea, consider Parma Pesto, sure to be a recipe favorite.

Head on over to our store to get your own Parma! Garlicky Green veggie seasoning picker-upper!


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