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Plant-based Cheesy Flavor with No Dairy Baggage

Plant-based Cheesey Flavor with no dairy baggage

“Cheese goes great on just about anything,” writes Jenna Plasterer of Deli Market News.  “And as plant-based becomes more available, a greater share of consumers are heading toward the specialty case.”

Parma! gives you a cheesy flavor with out all the dairy baggage, and is ideal for environmentally conscious consumers, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and all health-conscious eaters.

If you’d like to try some in your kitchen, check out our Parma! Pesto recipe; you can use any one of our 4 flavors… it isn’t only good on pasta… wink wink.
Bare cupboards? Visit our Parma! store, get a few jars, and start playing!

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